American 5300 100 Ton Crawler Crane

Tampa Transportation Structures contracted Industrial Painting Solutions Inc. to sandblast, prime and paint on-site a 1986 American 5300 100 ton crawler crane.  This crane restoration job was an exterior only job for resale.  Meaning, we did not paint the engine compartment or the cab area.  The owner wanted to resell the crane after using it for 15 years.  This crane was in good shape and did not require any major body work.

Quality Paint Restoration

Our crew did an excellent job sandblasting and painting this piece of heavy moving equipment. As usual, our team removed every last bit of previous paint, oil and grime with abrasive sandblasting before we moved onto the next phase of restoration. We make sure that the paint we apply is going to adhere properly. We use their metal finishing products – primers, topcoats, and sealers. They are specifically made for durability, anti-corrosion and high gloss finishes.

We are always looking at how we can improve upon paint products and coatings that we use in our restoration projects. That’s why Industrial Painting Solutions recently made the strategic decision to officially switch paint manufactures and have selected Sherwin Williams as our new paint supplier. Their quality reputation and customer service is excellent and we want to ensure the best possible paint restoration possible for our clients.

Amazing Results

This American crane was the first machine we painted with the new enamel and we are more than pleased with the result.  The primer is thick and the enamel really shines and the color consistency is excellent!  We were pleased and the customer was extremely happy with the results.  After the second coat was applied, we could tell it was going to turn out well.  We applied black to the counterweight and undercarriage and applied the decals.  Anyone considering a good overall paint, I would recommend Sherwin Williams, they are indeed the leader in the coatings world.