Highlands Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant Painting

The city of Highlands county in Sebring, FL contracted Industrial Painting Solutions Inc. to sandblast and paint the city’s asphalt plant.  This plant had typical corrosion from sun and water damage.  This project involved three key steps: a thorough sandblasting to remove any existing particles on the plant’s steel and metal components, application of an industrial primer to protect the facility’s structure and an industrial strength epoxy top coat to ensure a long lasting finish.

Sandblasting to Remove Peeling Paint, Dirt, Grime and Corrosion

IPS sandblasted all of the structural steel, bag house, dust auger, dust collector, collector pipe and aggregate chute.  The corrosion on this plant did not penetrate the substrate, therefore only called for a brush and spot blast. The height of this plant was 60’ and a high reach boom lift was used to reach the top of the silo. After spot blasting, our team blew down the steel with a high pressure air compressor.

Correct Application of Steel Primer

One coat of Macropoxy 646 was used to prime the steel.  After waiting 48 hours for the primer to dry, we then pressure washed the prime coat to get rid of any dust and foreign debris.  This is a critical step to ensure a good top coat adheres to the primer.

Epoxy Top Coat Application

After pressure washing, we inspected the coating, and applied one coat of Acrilon 218- two part epoxy top coat. The weather in Florida is hit or miss and we experienced some rain and cold weather delays.  It is never a good idea to apply epoxy when humidity levels are above 60% and temperatures are colder than 45 degrees. After the top coat dried fully, we inspected the finish product and were satisfied with the results. We picked up all trash, tape and left over material and exited the job site.  We are confident Highlands County will be very happy with the job that was performed.

Protect Your Facility From Rust and Corrosion

If your company has a corrosion problem and are in need of industrial sandblasting and painting, give Industrial Painting Solutions a call. The best course of action with rust and corrosion is to take action early before it’s irreversible. Get a Free Estimate today.