CAT R80 Restoration

Machinery Supply Inc. contracted Industrial Painting Solutions to sandblast, prime and paint this 1996 Cat R80 Rough Terrain 8000lb capacity forklift.  This machine presented some challenges in the beginning. Both lift cylinders were leaking and the battery was dead. One thing that paint won’t stick to is an oily surface.  Our mechanics tackled the job and removed both cylinders and had them repacked at a local hydraulic shop.  We installed the battery and the new cylinders and were able to move this machine to the blast shop.

After a pallet of sand was used to strip the old paint and decals off, we did some minor body work on some typical surface rust areas such as the hood and fenders.  These areas are flat and hold moisture which makes it ideal for rust to form. A good painter will prime these areas with a little more millage to protect this area.  After priming with a red oxide primer, we first coated the machine with Cat yellow. We typically let the first coat dry overnight and spray the final coat the next morning.  A good painter knows the best way to have a run in the paint is to second coat a surface before the first coat is dry. After the final coat, decals were installed and new tires were installed on the rear of the machine. One thing besides new paint that really helps resale value is new tires.  After the tires were installed  the forklift was parked on the front line for resale.

This machine was purchased at auction for $4250.  In it’s previous condition, you can guess why it went so cheap.  Machinery Supply Inc is asking $15,000 for this machine in it’s new state.  We at Industrial Painting Solutions believe Machinery Supply will surely get what they are asking!