Thatcher Chemical Plant

Industrial Coating Project for Chemical Plant Steel Tanks

Thatcher Chemical of Florida contracted Industrial Painting Solutions Inc. to sandblast and paint their facility in Florida. The facility included heavily corroded structural steel, concrete and their steel tanks at the Palmetto Branch.

Corroded Structure Refurbishment

Thatcher Chemical engages in the manufacturing of chemicals used in the agriculture, food, precious metals, mining and construction industry. Highly corrosive chemicals like sulfuric acid are common in plants such as this. Over time these chemicals corrode all types of surfaces. If not treated in a timely manner, these chemicals will destroy steel, and concrete beyond repair. At the Palmetto branch, sulfuric acid and caused extensive damage to the steel that supported the tanks and stairs inside the plant. The concrete was beyond repair and new concrete will have to be poured at a later date. Only then can the concrete be coated with Duraplate 5900 and a mixture of different chemical resistant coatings specifically for sulfuric acid.

Structural Steel Sandblasting and Painting

Industrial Painting Solutions was contracted to sandblast all rusty areas and coat with Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646. the majority of the structural steel was coated with safety blue. Stair and kick plate sections were coated with safety yellow. The Palmetto branch is 100 yards long, 30 yards wide and 27 foot tall. Navigating our 60’ manlift inside the plant was approached with the utmost caution. One false move could have proved to be disastrous. IPS’s painters and sandblasters are certified in all operations of man-lift, forklift and personal carrier operations. In our experience the most important thing a chemical or water plant owner can do is address corrosion problems early on to prevent costly repairs. Thatcher Chemical is an ongoing project for Industrial Painting Solutions. After the Palmetto branch is complete, Industrial Painting Solutions will move to the Deland branch and complete that project as well.

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