Macropoxy 646 Coating For Stairs

Trident Building Systems Sandblast & Macropoxy 646 Coating Project

Trident Building Systems is a global manufacturer of prefabricated buildings. Based in Sarasota, FL, Trident contracted Industrial Painting Solutions to prepare 3900 square feet of stairs to be installed at a commercial location. IPS sandblasted the new steel to an SSPC-10, ( white metal blast ) to remove all mil scale.  After sandblasting, the steel was blown down to remove all dust and grit.  One coat of Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646 was applied.  The specifications from the manufacture called for 5 to 10 mills of thickness on the coating.  A second coat was applied to achieve this. IPS measures the thickness with an instrument called a DFT meter. This measures the thickness of the coating from the substrate to the top of the coating electronically. In addition to the base coating, the specifications also called for an “anti-skid “ coating to be applied on the stairs for safety. Stairs can become slick when they are wet and can cause an accident.  In order to apply an anti skid coating, there is a process to follow in order to achieve the desired results. In this business, preparation is everything.

Custom Coating Process For Metal Stairs

IPS designed a template to cover the stairs, and allowed a 1 inch bare strip for reflective tape to be applied.  A thin layer of Macropoxy 646 was applied to the flat section of stairs to achieve wetness.  A layer of 30-60 sand grit was distributed to the coating and then another layer of coating was applied to seal the grit in place.  The process was painstakingly long, but the desired results were achieved. Trident Building Systems was thrilled with the finished project and Industrial Painting Solutions secured a vendor for the future.  If your company requires an anti skid coating on structural steel, please complete our contact form for a free consultation.