Manitowoc 888 Refurb

Industrial Painting Solutions was contracted by Maxim Crane company to sandblast, prime and paint a Manitowoc 888 150 ton crawler crane. IPS has been painting for Essex Crane, now Maxim Crane rental for 14 years. This 888 had extensive corrosion and rust around the cab. We DA sanded the main body, filled in rust spots around the cab with fiberglass. No sandblasting was required on the main body. After completing the body work, we primed the unit with Mothane two part epoxy.  Why Mothane epoxy?  It’s an excellent coating system that provides excellent protection to your paint job when operating in moderate to severe industrial settings. So, 48 hours later we applied the first coat of Mothane Industrial epoxy and then the second coat 2 hours later.  On the final day, we applied the clear coat for extra shine.  The following day decals were applied.