Non-skid Coating for Metal Platform

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) MacDill Air Force Base Project

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) contracted Industrial Painting Solutions Inc. to apply a non skid coating to MacDill Air Force Base aircraft mechanic’s platforms.  These platforms are steel diamond plate that are used to service various aircraft throughout the base. Macdill Air Force is central command for all of the Middle East operations.  The DOD contacted IPS with concerns of mechanics slipping and getting injured when hydraulic fluid contacted the metal decking. Even though diamond plate has grip, when oil comes in contact with the steel it becomes slick. This has been an ongoing problem.

Chemsol Navy G Non-Skid Coating For Floors and Decks

The DOD requested Chemsol Navy G as the preferred coating.  Chemsol Navy G  is a high solids, two-component fast curing epoxy anti-skid floor and deck coating.  The durability and has superb resistance to abrasion, wear, weather, chemicals and impact.  Before the coating is applied, sandblasting the deck with a 1-3MM profile is recommended.  After a profile has been completed, a Sherwin-Williams universal primer is applied to the steel and allowed to dry for 48 hours.  After drying, the Chemsol Navy G coating is mixed with one part A ( 5 gallons ) and one part B ( 1 gallon ).  Part B is the hardener and activator.  A phenolic roller is used to apply the coating evenly through out the surface. Phenolic rollers are essentially a hard roller that pushes and pulls the coating rather than rolling it on.   This coating is approximately 30 Mills thick when dry.  MacDill Air Force Base is very happy with the outcome of this product and their work space is safer because of it.

Industrial Painting Solutions Inc is a preferred applicator for Chemsol Navy G products.  Call us today for a free quote (883) 813-2628.  If you are not thinking safety, you are doing it wrong.