Sandblasted Concrete

Student Union – University Of Central Florida (UCF)| Contracted By Gibbs and Register

Gibbs and Register a large General Contractor in the state of Florida hired Industrial Painting Solutions to sandblast a concrete pattern for the new student union seating at the University of Central Florida.  On the initial walkthrough with the superintendent, the high traffic area was concerning to all parties. How were we to sandblast concrete seating in the middle of a University during school hours no less?  A daunting project no doubt, but the reward was certainly worth it in the end.  Dust control was a major concern for everyone.  This was the student union and people eat lunch there and congregate as college kids do. The noise was also going to be a concern. Let’s be honest, students and faculty don’t want to hear a compressor running during their lunch breaks.  After much planning, the GC and IPS decided to do the job at night and close the area down completely.  This would make everyone safe and take the pressure off of our blasters.

Decorative Concrete Floor Finishes Are In Demand

Up until recently, finished concrete in its finished form used to be acceptable.  Now engineers and property owners want something more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Circular, horizontal and whatever pattern one can think up is now possible to transfer to concrete. Concrete sandblasting is not easy and is a delicate skill to master.  If a blaster gets too aggressive on the profile depth,  there is no going back and fixing it. One has to carefully plan before pulling the trigger.  With that said not many companies are willing to do it. However if trained properly and a good plan is put into action, a once dull lifeless slab of concrete can become a work of art.  Not only does new concrete look great, but a good blaster can make old concrete look like it was just poured.  If your company is in need of decorative concrete blasting, call Industrial Painting Solutions for a free quote.

Decorative Concrete Sandblasting