Fluor Enterprises Pipe Sandblasting

Fluor Enterprises Sandblasting Pipe Project

Fluor Enterprises is a Fortune 500 company that delivers engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC) and maintenance solutions to government and private sector clients in diverse industries. Fluor contracted Industrial Painting Solutions to sandblast a 21’ long carbon pipe and install a vapor phase inhibitor to treat corrosion during the storage process.  The carbon pipe was designed for Mitsubishi Corporation’s fabrication process located at the Duke Energy plant in Florida.

Scope of Carbon Pipe Sandblast Project

The scope of the work included unbolting the flange on each side of the pipe and sandblasting the 16 inch inside diameter of the carbon pipe to SSPC6.  This was done with an internal pipe blasting machine that was purchased from Surface Prep Inc. located in Lakeland, FL. This internal pipe blasting machine will handle and from 12 to 38” pipe. The specification of this project called for non silica based media so black beauty 30-60 grit was used. After blasting was complete, the pipe was blown free of any grit and 3 Cortec VpCI-111 Vapor phase inhibitor emitter cups were installed at each end and in the center.  Chemicals will emit through the cups and prevent any flash rusting or corrosion after the blasting process.  The flanges were bolted back on and the ends wrapped with 6 MM plastic to ensure the chemicals did not escape.

Internal and External Pipe Blasting

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