Solar Steel Restoration

Solar Steel Sandblast, Prime & Paint

Industrial Painting Solutions, Inc. was contracted at the Port of Tampa to sandblast, prime and paint 1,600 bundles of solar steel, galvanized tubing used in the solar field.

The solar field has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and with the Biden administration pushing the infrastructure plan even further in the alternative energy sector, huge contracts are being realized by contractors throughout the US. Solar energy leaves a much smaller footprint than coal and gas and is more efficient. With global warming being a real problem worldwide, solar power is a logical choice for eliminating dirty energy.

Remedy Corrosion from Overseas Shipping To U.S.

Game Change Solar is a growing solar provider that operates in every state in the US and worldwide. The reason IPS was contracted to repaint the tubular steel ranging from 19’ to 38’ in length, was the corrosion that was realized on the ship ride from India, Vietnam and other countries. These ships were not air tight, held moisture and white rust or zinc hydroxide forms on the newly galvanize surface. In reality, zinc hydroxide is not really corrosion, rather it is a chemical reaction that happens to protect the zinc from corrosion. The only problem is it looks unsightly to contractors and they do not want to put oxidized steel up in a new solar farm. This steel was rejected by the contractor and this is why we were hired to make it look presentable.

Zinc Hydroxide Removal Process For Solar Steel

The solution was a standard sweep blast or SSPC7 and a commercial blast, SSPC6 on hydroxide spots. The sweep blast is important for the coating to stick and doesn’t take any of the galvanizing away from the steel. Keeping the integrity of the galvanizing in tact is very important in future corrosion prevention. After a sweep blast was performed, the steel is then blown down like any other paint process and a very light coat of cold galvanizing compound was applied at .50 DFT. After 24 hours, a light clear coat was applied to the four sides to protect against UV rays and for aesthetics.

If your company is in need of solar steel remediation due to zinc hydroxy or “white rust “ Please call Industrial Painting Solutions Inc. for a free consultation.

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