Steel Canopy Restoration

Steel Canopy Restoration Project for Watermark

Watermark Restoration company contracted Industrial Painting Solutions to sandblast, prime and paint over 10,000 square feet of structural steel for Cousins Properties (NYSE: CUZ). The scope of the project consisted of preparing steel for a walkway canopy that encompasses a parking garage and two Class A office buildings. Cousins is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and manages over 1.6 million square feet of office space in Tampa, Austin and other cities throughout the US.

Zero Impact To Their Business With Proper Safety & Environmental Containment

In order to do this job in an environmentally friendly manner, full containment of the structure had to be erected to keep the over-spray and sand from escaping on to the common elements of the property. Initially work hours were to be done on weekends only. However when our containment tarps were erected, we were permitted to work regular hours even though it was a highly trafficked area. Mixing corporate america with industrial America tends to ruffle some feathers if not done properly. Safety tape and cones were placed on the bottom floor of the parking garage to keep cars and visitors out of the area.

Better Prepping and Steeling Coating The Second Time Around

The canopy when previously painted was not prepped properly either by the wrong primer or the wrong top coat. Heavy flaking and rust was present on the underside of the steel canopy.After blasting the steel, a BEHR prime coat was applied along with two top coats. The industry standard is to apply a two part epoxy along with a urethane top coat on raw steel. This project called for a water based primer and top coat. Time will tell if this paint system by BEHR bucks the industry standard. Industrial Painting Solutions is primarily an industrial coatings company. In certain circumstances, when blasting is needed, IPS ventures into commercial and residential job opportunities.

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