US Navy Ship Brows Coatings

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs, LLC Specialty Coatings Project For US Navy Ship Brows

S.A.F.E.  Structure Designs, LLC. located in Las Vegas, NV contracted industrial paining solutions to sandblast 9 US Navy ship brows used in loading and unloading walkways from ships.  These brows are designed with an electric winch to pull walkways for navy men and pedestrians to be able to walk from a ship onto a beach.  These structures are susceptible to all of the elements: sun, wind, rain and more importantly salt water.  Over time these steel devices become rusted and corroded in these elements.

Rhino Liner Coating For Marine Applications

The specifications for the contract were to remove the electric motors from the 6000 lb structures, sandblast steel to SSPC10 white metal blast. prime coat with 4 mils of Sherwin Williams macropoxy 646 two part epoxy and then apply Rhino Liner top coat to the inside and outside of these structures. Rhino Liner is a non skid coating used in truck beds. In addition to the non skid attribute, this coating is also very good at encompassing steel and eliminating the chance of rust. Applying Rhino Liner is difficult because of the thickness of the coating.  It is not possible to spray this coating, it must be applied with a phenolic roller and striped in the corners and crevices. 1 gallon of Rhino Liner will cover about 20 square feet. Two coats were applied to achieve the desired mil spec.  Aesthetically Rhino Liner is not the best looking top coat.  There is no shine.

After two weeks, the coating will chalk and fade to a dark gray color.  However, the steel where it is applied is protected and that is what the Navy wanted. Overall the project took roughly two weeks to complete from drop off to pick up.  S.A.F.E structures were very happy with the results and the navy as well.  If your company needs non skid coatings for your project, call us for a free quote.