Zinc Clad IV Corrosion Prevention

Busch Garden’s Tampa Bay Roller Coaster – Rocky Mountain Construction

Rocky Mountain Construction contracted Industrial Painting Solutions to sandblast and coat roughly 5000 square feet of structural steel for Busch Garden’s amusement park. Rocky Mountain Construction, based in Hayden, Idaho is one of the top manufacturers of roller coasters worldwide. They are best known for their “I-Box” steel wooden coasters. Every 10-15 years these wooden coasters have to be taken offline and reconditioned for safety concerns. The condition of the steel that supports these wooden coasters are not to be taken for granted. Lives are at stake and the integrity of the steel is of the utmost importance.

Roller Coaster Protective Coating – Zinc Clad IV

The scope of work included sandblasting all structural steel for the RMC Gwazi wooden roller coaster in Tampa, FL and then coated with 3-5 mils of zinc-rich epoxy. Sherwin Williams provided Zinc Clad IV for this project. The sandblasting scope called for a minimum of SSPC6, a commercial blast creating a 2-4 millimeter profile for the substrate. The condition of the existing structural steel was in fair condition and the steel didn’t present with any scale or major corrosion but the existing coating was broken down and flaking off pretty substantially. The blasting process was straightforward and the existing coating was removed relatively easy.

Zinc Clad IV is a two-part zinc rich epoxy that is 85% weight by solids. Zinc is the best corrosion preventative in the coating world, and when applied, it is essentially spraying metal on the surface creating a strong, corrosion resistant barrier against moisture, salt intrusion, chemical, and environmental contamination. Industrial Painting Solutions is proud to service all of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the entire South East US. If your company is in need of sandblasting and coating work, please visit our website www.industps.com or call toll free (833) 813-COAT for a free, no obligation consultation.