Galvanic Coatings

Industrial Painting Solutions offers galvanic coatings for all industries including marine, industrial, commercial, aerospace and DOT.

Galvanic Wet Painting Is An Affordable Alternative To Hot-Dipped Galvanizing

Standard galvanizing companies use a “ hot dip “ method to saturate steel with zinc that is submerged in a kettle and then baked. This method has limits on the size of structures that can be dipped, lackluster finishes and mobile projects on site are simply not possible to dip. Industrial Painting Solutions offers a more economical application that has no limit on the size of steel structures, a myriad of colors are available to choose from, and most importantly work can be performed on-site. Both hot-dipped galvanizing and galvanic wet painting has identical surface preparations. Both methods require media blasting on the substrate to an SSPC-10/NACE2 standard. After the substrate is cleaned, zinc dust is mixed with polymers, agitated to a smooth liquid form, and can be applied by spraying or brush and rolled. After the zinc is applied a wire mesh cloth or screen is used to wipe down the steel removing any bubbles or uneven sections. The steel is then solvent wiped to remove any excess dust not adhered to the substrate. From this point on, epoxy coatings can be applied for even more protection, and then a urethane topcoat can be applied with any color one chooses. The finished product is both esthetically pleasing and the life cycle of galvanic wet coatings surpasses that of hot-dipped galvanizing. In short, galvanic wet painting is a much better alternative to hot-dipped galvanizing.

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