Pipe Blasting & Painting Contractor Services

Industrial Painting Solutions (IPS) now performs internal pipe blasting and pipe painting for the waste water, power, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

IPS is one a few companies in the state of Florida that offers internal or otherwise known in the industry as ID painting for pipes. With the purchase of a new Clemco, our company now has the ability to blast and coat steel tubing and carbon pipes ranging from 2” to 96” in diameter. We also handle lengths as long as 100 feet or longer.

The Clemco Spin-Kote tool allows a painter to evenly coat the interior of pipe and tubing. Once in operation, the coating is applied 360° by centrifugal force through the spinning spray head. The speed at which the tool is pulled back through the pipe will determine the coating’s wet film thickness and coverage rates. Pre-selected back pressure orifices installed at the gun head and adjustments to the pump’s fluid pressure will allow the painter to make changes to the volume of coating transferred through the tool. Each tool comes packaged with its appropriate carriage device so that it can be centered within the pipe.

If your company is in need of internal pipe coating or pipe painting, please give us at 833-813-COAT.

Below is an example of some 12” carbon pipe for NASA that was ID blasted to an SSPC10, prime coated with Sherwin Williams Duraplate 301K two part epoxy as well as top coated with a Coal Tar Epoxy.

Clemco Spin-Kote

Allows for 360° application of internal coatings.

clemson tool for pipe blasting and painting

ID Blasting

Epoxy coatings applied to NASA’s carbon pipes.

internal pipe coating

Completed Project

Completed project.

pipe painting